Push4Reform Immigration App

  • Julia Sun
  • Fri Jan 24th 2014

Push4Reform connects constituents to their representatives in Washington.

People only need to input the zip code to find out which reps are in favor of the political issue in question, particularly immigration reform.

The app is backed by top Silicon Valley players like Mark Zuckerberg and the most ironic part is the development team consists of 20 undocumented immigrants.

One of the key creators is entrepreneur Luis Aguilar. He came to the US from Mexico when he was 9 and he has not seen his family since 15.

Luis Aguilar, Tech Entrepreneur: "If immigration reform were to pass, it means that families would no longer be separated."

Another key creator is Kent Tam. Despite of his degree from UCLA and top notch programming skills, he struggled to find a job because of his immigration status.

Push4Reform hopes to use technology to bring more people into politics. It's the first political app that received supports from multiple Silicon Valley leaders. For voters in general, it could also mean we're closer to an easier understanding of our reps on issues we care about.

Mike, Registered Voter: "People my age, I'm 20, they don't really know too much about it, so if there's something right in front of them, it just sums it up. Like, an app that has both candidates and you just click, like, press their faces."

Some registered voters who never made it to the booth said they would go if they could easily understand where the candidate stand.

Rodolph, Registered Voter: "80 percent, 80-90 percent more [likely]."

Henco, Registered Voter: "If it makes life a little easier, then yes. Don't we all want life a little easier?"

Every four years the candidates go to the swing states and convince people their votes matter, but one big reason people don't vote is they don't know who stands for what. That's exactly where technology can fit in. Get the information out and you will see more people on election day.

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