135 Year Old Woman Wins Pension

  • Wed Nov 25th 2009

A 135 year old Turkish woman has won her bid to get her pension reinstated. Halime Olcay's birth certificate states she was born in 1874, the same year Herbert Hoover and Winston Churchill were born.

In the sleepy village of Saricoban in the Kulp province of South Eastern Turkiye, a quiet population of about 250 people reside, but one resident outshines the rest. 135 year old Halime Olcay, who has been confined to her bed for the past 25 years.

Her great, great grandson, Kadri Olcay, is one of numerous family members that surround and adore her.

Kadri says Halime can't always remember her age, according to the elderly woman she could be 150, or maybe even more.

She is also looking great for her age and enjoys relatively good health, but for more than a year she's been denied a state pension.

Officials at the local registration office had seen no movement in her bank accounts, or update on her identity documents for the 25 years that Halime has been bedridden.

Earlier this week officers from the Kulp Social Registration Office visited Halime at home to see for themselves.

Her pension will be reinstated starting next month, and she will also receive state nursing aids and a wheelchair.

Halime will be 136 on July 1st 2010.


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