Pakistani PM Denies Involvement

  • Fri Nov 28th 2008

Pakistan's Prime Minister condemned the attacks in Mumbai on Friday and denied the events had any link with Pakistan. Earlier, India has charged Pakistan of complicity in past attacks on its soil, and Singh on Thursday said militants based outside his country carried out the attacks - a statement understood in Pakistan as a veiled accusation.

Yousuf Raza Gilani, Pakistani Prime Minister says:
"Pakistan has nothing to do with this incident. Pakistan has no link with this act. We condemn it and we condemned it, the whole nation condemns it. We are already the victim of terrorism and extremism. There had been a bomb blast in Marriott hotel and all parts of the country and today I've heard in the plane there is another bomb blast in Bannu or somewhere else. Therefore I condemn it, in fact the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh he rang me up when there was a bomb blast in Marriott hotel, it was nice of him and he condemned and he expressed the sorrows from the people of India and Government of India, today I reciprocated, I called Dr Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India I also conveyed the same feelings of the people of Pakistan and the Government of Pakistan."


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