Turkish Men's Wear Store Opens in NY

Sarar, while it was a modest startup tailor's shop some six decades ago in the Midwest province called Eskisehir, now opened its first store in New York's Manhattan as a Turkish corporation and major player in men's wear business with 63 years of in-depth experience.

Sarar's new store in New York is located on Madison Avenue which is known as one of the centers of men's wear around the world. Madison Avenue is hosting numerous world famous menswear brands such as Brooks Brothers, J Crew, and Men's Wearhouse, Joseph A Bank.

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz exchanged his jacket with the owner of Sarar Group Cemalettin Sarar just to show that Mr. Sarar is as overweight as himself announcing Mr. Sarar his twin brother.   Mr. Sarar who liked the joke presented Marty Markowitz a Sarar suit.

Sarar Group is one of the leading menswear brands in the world with its more then a hundred stores around the world.

Jeffrey M.Marcetti from the Sopranos also joined the event in the late hours and spoke to Ebru TV. He said he admired Sarar suits as a costume designer in his previous career on movie sets. He also said he would like to visit Turkish Culture Center in New York to get to know Turks.

The guests at the inauguration cocktail stayed until late hours. While the guests separating in the end of the event, Mr. Sarar presented each one of them a gift pack.

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